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Canada’s top 5 family ski resorts

At this time of year, many families are looking forward to their annual ski trip which this year, like other things, has probably been put on hold, so now is the time to plan ahead and look to where the best places are in Canada to ski with the family in the 21/22 season, and… Read more »

Affordable skiing in Canada? No, it’s not a myth….

A ski holiday to Canada is less than you think (Yes, even Whistler). A common theme we hear when asked for quotes is that skiing in Canada is expensive; well, to be frank, it is not always and in fact, sometimes it can be a lot cheaper than you would imagine. There are plenty of… Read more »

The non-ski guide to a ski safari

Back in 2017, sadly, out of ski season, I found myself heading off to see some of the so-called “smaller” resorts Canada has to offer; we actually prefer to refer to them as ‘off-the-beaten-track’. As our visit was in late spring, after a comfortable flight from Heathrow we picked up a Jeep Grand Cherokee and… Read more »

The Best Extreme Ski Runs in Canada

Canada has some great, well known ski resorts such as Whistler on the west coast and Banff & Lake Louise in the Alberta Rockies, but also many superb lesser known ones such as Panorama in the BC Rockies. They are not short of steep terrain but which resorts offer the most extreme ski run experience… Read more »

7 Reasons to Ski Canada

Canada has grown in popularity as a ski destination over the last few years but there are still questions as to why a ski holiday across the Atlantic should be considered when the Alps are on our doorstep; well, there are many reasons, but let’s look at the top 7: 1. The snow Pure and… Read more »