When’s the best time to ski Canada?

The ski season in Canada runs from late November through to mid-April  – this does vary depending on resort – but when is the best time to ski Canada?

This is a question we get asked a lot and it does depend not only on which resort you would like to visit but also your circumstances.

Let’s say you are tied to school holidays for example, this limits you to three main options; Christmas, February half-term and Easter.

Christmas Parade on Banff Avenue

Christmas in Canada is quite magical; waking up in a winter wonderland surrounded by mountains and snow is just about perfect but be aware that prices can be higher and space is at a premium. February half term can also get busy as there is usually only a one week window which means accommodation and flights can fill up fast!

This leaves Easter which if you’re travelling as a family is ideal; places such as Whistler and Banff have great conditions in Easter with the weather being that little bit warmer but still with great conditions. Additionally, we are seeing more and more resorts extending the season to incorporate the Easter Holidays due to the demand of people wanting to travel at Easter. One of the main reasons these resorts close earlier is that the locals get bored of skiing and want the golf courses to open!

The other thing (and don’t go telling everyone) is that prices in the resorts tend to be lower at Easter compared to the other school holidays.

Easter 2019, Whistler

If you are not looking to travel with children, or indeed are a teacher, then the first thing to say is obviously avoid the school holidays! It might sound obvious but also avoiding North American spring break in mid-March is a good idea too, unless you want to join in with the college kids partying of course!

If you can book early, good deals can be had mid-January into early February when the Christmas crowds have cleared and it is before the half term holidays. We have noticed that year on year this period seems to get booked earlier and earlier so is always a good idea to get in early if you want to travel in January.

The other option is to wait for the families to leave after half term and travel late February into early March. The weather is a little warmer and the days a little longer so this is a great time to travel.

Blue sky powder day at Panorama!

It does depend somewhat on which resort you are visiting and also if you prefer the temperature to be a little warmer. But both of these options give you the best deals in resort, the best flight availability and also helps to avoid busy lift lines. Flying on a week day also helps to keep the costs lower as the flights tend to not be as busy.

In summary, the short answer to when’s the best time to ski Canada the answer would be anytime! But hopefully the above may help when deciding when your next Canadian Adventure will be.

Michael Williamson
Ski Product Manager
Frontier Ski